The American Market Tote Collection

Every country has its own market bag. From the richly woven bags of Peru to the beautiful shopping baskets of Africa, or the leather pouches of Tibet, people around the world have always used their own resources available to produce a carryall that can be used and reused. 1995, Tote Le Monde embraced the market bag concept by introducing our collection of totes in our brightly colored signature material, wootex. We have since developed luggage, house wares, and personal accessories.

Seattle Hanging Tote

Seattle Hanging Tote
Product ID: 608TL
Our Wootex Seattle Hanging Bag trimmed in leather will protect your best. The leather strap and lightweight Wootex allow for comfortable carrying while an internal belt keeps your clothes in place during travel. It is lined and has a built in hanger for when its in transit.

Wootex is a vibrant woven recyclable plastic mesh exclusive to Tote Le Monde.

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Dimensions: 56" L (24" when folded) x 24" W

The Seattle Hanging Tote is available in the following colorways:

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